Sunday, December 19, 2010

T mobile plan

Smlm I went to T mobile sebab nak add line tapi malang nya x dapat..
penat je tggu kat c2 dah lah nek kete sewa org..
gi dgn faiz and yang and afiq.. dia kata klu de ssn bleh lah nak add lines
tapi ssn afiq tuh x eligible lagi so macam agak pissed off gak ah..
penat giler tggu dia wat phone call.. well its okay kene tggu lagi 6 month kata org tuh.. ok, kita tggu ah for six month and see what happen
kepada yang and faiz sorry tau x dapatkan line for korg..
Enjoy korg nyer Florida trip..
Gonna miss all of you nanti upload pic banyak2 sebab next winter aku plak nak gi c2.. kah3

california here i come

i'm so excited for this impending California trip. It is next Thursday and I'm going there with my other five fellows Vanderbilt 2013 members, Am-Dan-James-Azwan.
I really hope that this trip will going well.
I'm gonna miss my friends who will going to Florida, 24 of them and
I'm kinda sad because I really want to go to Florida but it was way too late for me
to change my plan so i decided to just live it and suck it off.
Me and Am we've been planning for this California trip since summer and i hope it pays off.
I'm going to upload a lot of picture in my Facebook just wait and see them y'all

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

california trip

I am so damn excited because next week I am going to california with my four other members and I am so freaking thrilled. I hope its gonna be awesome and just hope for the best. I am looking forward to it though, its been a while since I haven't post something here, so here it is

Friday, July 30, 2010

for real

subhanallah, i got 100 this time for physic test. what more could i ask? i really like the way how fast thing happen in summer. maybe god guide me to be like this, to remember allah more because i am a loner now so i remember him most of my time

Sunday, July 25, 2010

my physic mark

first and foremost i would wanna give my greatest gratitude to allah SWT, alhamdulillah
for giving me a chance and hope that i would do fine in physic 116B.
I'm totally upset with my physic 116A with richard whelms as i didn't perform well in his lecture.
I think that is all i wanna share for now. hope my reader enjoy by reading this.
this is way too lame and random, i know! but i just cant help myself.
i love albridge and imma do my best to increase my mark!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

jetlag all over again

the impending day of me going back to where i belong to further my studies have come
i just cant believe that 2 month that i spent in malaysia feel like nothing at all
its not really nothing the point is i felt like im just going back from usa..
and now abruptly i have to go back, are u kidding me :(
im gonna miss my family because i cant have 'raya' eid with them
apart from that, i just meet my friends, old friends from kindergarten
and it made my night so brighten.. the bad part was i cant met with him due to the fact that i'm going back tomorrow..
i just dont like it.. i really do deep down from my heart!!!
lets just say i'm bot ready and now i feel reluctant to go to USA..
its okay, when i get there i will forget malaysia.. its like back and forth feeling
any way, once i get there the first thing that i wanna do is watching eclipse..
i cant believe that i just missed the premiere watching because in malaysia eclipse doesn't out yet.. its on 8 of july and on that moment i am already in vanderbilt for crying out loud..

here is some informtion that i desprately wanna share with y'all
its my niece and she does look like korean..

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

australian outback!!!

OMG!!! i had a blast in australia~~
people in australian all are so nice to me.. like usual
all american people are terrific!! not like malaysian
no offense y'all, it is what it is, the truth though
day first-movie world "warner bros"
OMG!!!, im so fucking liking it.. the rides is so thrilled
i met with batman, cat women, bugs bunny, lola, tweety
all of them is so freaking adorable
seriously y'all should come..
day 2nd- australian outback experience
boomerang, how they boil water, sheep, whip, horse
omg, its to dying for.. and then shopping time,
i bought some stuff like belt, shoes, flip flop, and i love gold coast!!
australian's people is so nice, i'm kinda like it
the horrible part was the breakfast.. i despise it big time
day 3rd- i went to dreamworld nicklodeon, spongebob square pants
omg, this one is the theme park that if u want to die
go for it.. the rides are awesome and almost "mencecah langit"
then, time to fall back and relax because its time to go back to malaysia terchenta..
so sad :((

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

home sweet home

to be honest, i dont really wanna go back at all..
its not even a week i already feel like regretting and still
searching a very good reason of why i am going back..
let just leave it this way, i miss family and friends..
therefore i need to pick up a pace and see em..
isn't that right? i think so..
any way you think about it,
without any doubt and hesitation that i love to be part of american
and i really want to live there.. EVER!!! american people is so much adorable..
btw, i am going to australia this june and i cant wait for this impending day
to come.. i am so thrilled because i've been wanted to go to australia for
like forever!!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

fall spring 2010

the semester is about to over.. and i'm still didn't prepare for it.. what should i do?
i guess i just have to go with the flow and not messing with the status quo..
i have finished to of my final which is awesome-math 155b and eece 116..
frankly speaking, i enjoyed both of this class as much as i enjoyed watching video..
i guess.. and the other two exams would be physic 116a and mse 150..
wish me luck for these subject because hyphotetically speaking, i didn't know
if i can do well in physic but my mse is not bad though..
i'm going back this summer.. and i'm going to aussie on 6 of june until 12 of june..
with my family and i've been wanted this for like forever and thank god that
he actually give me this opportunity..
there are some part in me that say i'm regretting of going back to malaysia just because it was too long and i should stay here for the midwest and i can
go to canada with may(one of the senior)
and i have car too which is awesome and as god knows, i love driving so much..
freshmen are coming and quite frankly i dont want them here just because
i dont want them here.. this is confusing and hard to explain..
but i dont want them here..
i really wanna move here but i dont know if i can do that.. like seriously..
i'm gonna go to my high school and meet the teachers and all the staff..
niway, i'm going to california this coming new year.. again! how cool and awesome is that..
i think that is all for now.. i'm watching survivor heroes vs villain
and i dont like faiz talib.. i thought he was believable but unfortunately i was wrong
he is not the man that i thought he was..
the good side is, i found new friends that are believable and more like me
and i like him the way he are.. i just hope he is the one..
who? its secret! and lastly, i dont really like when people humiliate me..
so, if im saying this, it just did right? well, it is true.. and it was in facebook
which is sickening frankly.. and i just realized that i dont wanna
write or post anything at facebook.. unless i have to.. i MUST!
in which I dont have other choice..

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

feb 23 2010

dear diary,
I have been through lot since I have't write anything..
first of all, i wanna write about ANYF..
i have been one of the performance for MSAV, i had a great time with great people
i am proud to be part of team even though some one may not appreciate it
and just see the bad part of it.. the great thing is, i enjoyed doing the thing that i would never ever regret
my first exam had all past, and i hope the second exam is much better than the first one
i had been watching this one movie and it inspired me a lot..
sometimes, i felt that i wanted to be a vampire because i can live for eternity,
but, that it just too crazy,
i think that is all for now

Monday, January 18, 2010

its a bad bad bad day to the power of infinity

its been a long time ever since i haven't write something on my wall
guess this would be it, idk what to write and here goes something
today would be my fourth day of attending class for the spring semester of 2010
i hope this semester would be hell lot of better improvement than the first one
as far as i'm concerned, everything went great so far
and its still unbelievable that i am already in the second semester
time went so fast that you don't really felt it went by, DAMN!!!
i need to absolutely appreciate time more after this,
i miss alias movie, idk why i am so emotionally attached to this movie,
do u know how hard it is accepting the fact that u had already finished watching
drama series that u inspired the most as much as watching alias?
anyway, school have started and it means the date for me to get back to malaysia
IS NEAR!!! yeay

Friday, January 1, 2010


alias is such a great movie that i would never forget.
i dont know how my life would be without alias anymore
i still couldnt believe that i have done watching it
seems like as if i have watched it yesterday
after all, alias have changed me on who i am
i will miss alias forever, this tv series is tremendously perfect
to be compared, i am usually not that crazy when watching
tv series, unfortunately i do
okay, look at that ping pong ball
and there gonna be another big giant globical
come on!!! there must be another rambaldi artifact to be tracked down there