Sunday, July 4, 2010

jetlag all over again

the impending day of me going back to where i belong to further my studies have come
i just cant believe that 2 month that i spent in malaysia feel like nothing at all
its not really nothing the point is i felt like im just going back from usa..
and now abruptly i have to go back, are u kidding me :(
im gonna miss my family because i cant have 'raya' eid with them
apart from that, i just meet my friends, old friends from kindergarten
and it made my night so brighten.. the bad part was i cant met with him due to the fact that i'm going back tomorrow..
i just dont like it.. i really do deep down from my heart!!!
lets just say i'm bot ready and now i feel reluctant to go to USA..
its okay, when i get there i will forget malaysia.. its like back and forth feeling
any way, once i get there the first thing that i wanna do is watching eclipse..
i cant believe that i just missed the premiere watching because in malaysia eclipse doesn't out yet.. its on 8 of july and on that moment i am already in vanderbilt for crying out loud..

here is some informtion that i desprately wanna share with y'all
its my niece and she does look like korean..

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