Saturday, August 27, 2011


ok this is a very random update but I just don't know where to put this
besides what is the point of having blog if you don't get to say
the things that you want. Am I right?
this is about people in fb that keep updating their status for like
every hour of the day. LIKE SERIOUSLY people? how annoying can that be?
I don't wanna know if you wanna remove your friends, if you wanna remove
some of your friends, just remove them, if you don't wanna approve some
of your friends, just don't approve them. Don't have to make a big deal
out of it and you don't have to let the entire world to know about it.
Maybe you can share once, but like every hour seriously?
Not only that! I also don't need to know the status of your relationship
If you feel like you wanna talk to someone about it, go find someone!
It is so annoying when one hour you said you're hurt, the next hour you
said there's hope that you're getting him back, and hour afterwards
you said its over and I can these pattern going back and forth
for like 3 month by now.
I'm sorry I just can't take the heat! and one more
xkan lah ko baru lepas mandi pown ko nak bgtahu the entire world?
Hello sumer org pown mandi ok! what is your problem attention seeker?

Enough saying about this girl, anyway eid is coming and this year
of ramadhan I'm definitely proud of myself sebab I did go to terawikh
everyday maybe not everyday but at least most of the day.
x gi terawikh sebab katy perry and maroon 5 je ah kowt. other than that
I'm good to go. Firmly I can say this year of Ramadhan is better than
last year or Ramadhan.