Sunday, December 19, 2010

T mobile plan

Smlm I went to T mobile sebab nak add line tapi malang nya x dapat..
penat je tggu kat c2 dah lah nek kete sewa org..
gi dgn faiz and yang and afiq.. dia kata klu de ssn bleh lah nak add lines
tapi ssn afiq tuh x eligible lagi so macam agak pissed off gak ah..
penat giler tggu dia wat phone call.. well its okay kene tggu lagi 6 month kata org tuh.. ok, kita tggu ah for six month and see what happen
kepada yang and faiz sorry tau x dapatkan line for korg..
Enjoy korg nyer Florida trip..
Gonna miss all of you nanti upload pic banyak2 sebab next winter aku plak nak gi c2.. kah3

california here i come

i'm so excited for this impending California trip. It is next Thursday and I'm going there with my other five fellows Vanderbilt 2013 members, Am-Dan-James-Azwan.
I really hope that this trip will going well.
I'm gonna miss my friends who will going to Florida, 24 of them and
I'm kinda sad because I really want to go to Florida but it was way too late for me
to change my plan so i decided to just live it and suck it off.
Me and Am we've been planning for this California trip since summer and i hope it pays off.
I'm going to upload a lot of picture in my Facebook just wait and see them y'all

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

california trip

I am so damn excited because next week I am going to california with my four other members and I am so freaking thrilled. I hope its gonna be awesome and just hope for the best. I am looking forward to it though, its been a while since I haven't post something here, so here it is