Thursday, December 24, 2009

-the best family ever-

on 23 and 24 of december, which is right a day before christmas
i had a great time + experiences with a family here.
i stayed at their house and yet, they provide
me food. we played outdoor games even though the weather is quite
cold. this is such a wonderful i would never forgot in my life.
they show me their culture. they child i remember all of them
nor in which i spent my time the most
seth, abby, betthony, charis, dalina and nataneale
it such a great experiences that i cant describe by word

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

it had to be you (^_^)

does anyone here who believe in love at first sight
well, unfortunately, i do!!!
sometimes, i wondered why on earth would a cupid uses an arrow
instead of feather, cotton bowl or the back of unicorn horn that full and thickened with pure magic
im sorry, i dont have the answer..
well if u brave enough unleash the feeling for greater good to ur love one,
u will fell blessed as in u were in his/her heart ever since,
even though she/he rejected you,
dont feel that such an embarrassment to urself because unlike you,
there are lots of other that do not pass this peculiar stage,
i have someone that i love in my life the most,
but im too afraid to let it out from myself,
i have break once as it would never ever happen again
because of im stupid idiot that didnt know that love need sacrifices for your own sake
what should i do??? is this coincidence
i dont think so, in fact i am person that did not have faith in coincidence
so, is she the one that worth fighting for
this huge question was overwhelming me ever since i met her
if i dont prevail
then, what made the differences???
is it, it had to be you???
this is all i can tell and share so far
hope my reader my keep on visiting my block to see my update


hear my thought
hear my cries
family, friends, relatives
from the other side
from where ever you are
come to my blog i call u near
come to me and settle me here
cross now my great divide
this is what i will spent my time the most ever since
hope reader enjoy it
and share the tear with other
i have nothing to hide in here