Sunday, May 2, 2010

fall spring 2010

the semester is about to over.. and i'm still didn't prepare for it.. what should i do?
i guess i just have to go with the flow and not messing with the status quo..
i have finished to of my final which is awesome-math 155b and eece 116..
frankly speaking, i enjoyed both of this class as much as i enjoyed watching video..
i guess.. and the other two exams would be physic 116a and mse 150..
wish me luck for these subject because hyphotetically speaking, i didn't know
if i can do well in physic but my mse is not bad though..
i'm going back this summer.. and i'm going to aussie on 6 of june until 12 of june..
with my family and i've been wanted this for like forever and thank god that
he actually give me this opportunity..
there are some part in me that say i'm regretting of going back to malaysia just because it was too long and i should stay here for the midwest and i can
go to canada with may(one of the senior)
and i have car too which is awesome and as god knows, i love driving so much..
freshmen are coming and quite frankly i dont want them here just because
i dont want them here.. this is confusing and hard to explain..
but i dont want them here..
i really wanna move here but i dont know if i can do that.. like seriously..
i'm gonna go to my high school and meet the teachers and all the staff..
niway, i'm going to california this coming new year.. again! how cool and awesome is that..
i think that is all for now.. i'm watching survivor heroes vs villain
and i dont like faiz talib.. i thought he was believable but unfortunately i was wrong
he is not the man that i thought he was..
the good side is, i found new friends that are believable and more like me
and i like him the way he are.. i just hope he is the one..
who? its secret! and lastly, i dont really like when people humiliate me..
so, if im saying this, it just did right? well, it is true.. and it was in facebook
which is sickening frankly.. and i just realized that i dont wanna
write or post anything at facebook.. unless i have to.. i MUST!
in which I dont have other choice..

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