Monday, January 18, 2010

its a bad bad bad day to the power of infinity

its been a long time ever since i haven't write something on my wall
guess this would be it, idk what to write and here goes something
today would be my fourth day of attending class for the spring semester of 2010
i hope this semester would be hell lot of better improvement than the first one
as far as i'm concerned, everything went great so far
and its still unbelievable that i am already in the second semester
time went so fast that you don't really felt it went by, DAMN!!!
i need to absolutely appreciate time more after this,
i miss alias movie, idk why i am so emotionally attached to this movie,
do u know how hard it is accepting the fact that u had already finished watching
drama series that u inspired the most as much as watching alias?
anyway, school have started and it means the date for me to get back to malaysia
IS NEAR!!! yeay

Friday, January 1, 2010


alias is such a great movie that i would never forget.
i dont know how my life would be without alias anymore
i still couldnt believe that i have done watching it
seems like as if i have watched it yesterday
after all, alias have changed me on who i am
i will miss alias forever, this tv series is tremendously perfect
to be compared, i am usually not that crazy when watching
tv series, unfortunately i do
okay, look at that ping pong ball
and there gonna be another big giant globical
come on!!! there must be another rambaldi artifact to be tracked down there