Wednesday, June 16, 2010

australian outback!!!

OMG!!! i had a blast in australia~~
people in australian all are so nice to me.. like usual
all american people are terrific!! not like malaysian
no offense y'all, it is what it is, the truth though
day first-movie world "warner bros"
OMG!!!, im so fucking liking it.. the rides is so thrilled
i met with batman, cat women, bugs bunny, lola, tweety
all of them is so freaking adorable
seriously y'all should come..
day 2nd- australian outback experience
boomerang, how they boil water, sheep, whip, horse
omg, its to dying for.. and then shopping time,
i bought some stuff like belt, shoes, flip flop, and i love gold coast!!
australian's people is so nice, i'm kinda like it
the horrible part was the breakfast.. i despise it big time
day 3rd- i went to dreamworld nicklodeon, spongebob square pants
omg, this one is the theme park that if u want to die
go for it.. the rides are awesome and almost "mencecah langit"
then, time to fall back and relax because its time to go back to malaysia terchenta..
so sad :((