Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Final Week

OMG pejam celik pejam celik it's been two years dah aku kat cni
and I'm gonna be a junior.. HUAAAAA!!! dah ready ke?
daaaaaa, of course lah not! but like it or not I have to accept
the fact that I will be one sooner or later.
OK skrg nie class is over and people struggling with their final!
Aku macam bese ah, bgn dah sah2 kol 12.. pas tuh selagi x malam selagi tuh
x study.. kih3(jgn ikut please)!
mggu nie just de exam Japan but next week, from Monday to Thursday
exam back to back
Thursday-Circuit 2
Wish me all the best to my readers(klu de) -_-"..
And btw, dah lama x update about myself..
this coming May I'm going to NYC+TORONTO
with my other 18 fellow friends here..
CRAZY kan.. I know first time nie trip ramai2 nie
and di bawah kelolaan aku+reny.. we'll see hopefully people
like it..
ok lepas nie nak kene sambung study..
TO all Vandy 13 and Vandy students, good luck with your final ok guys

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